Gocca de Prana - Metatron - Oro - Grandee - L B00L2K01W4

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Gocca de Prana - Metatron - Oro - Grandee - L B00L2K01W4
  • Prana Drops are high-quality protective amulets of Orgone, which protects its wearer against harmful environmental influences and supplied him with additional life energy, called, Prana.
  • Prana Drop Metatron - Creative power & Expression <br> • Harmonize E-Smog & cleanse and strengthen the aura • Orgone amulet with the energy of Archangel Metatron<br> • Infused with the ray of determination and of the I AM feeling
  • • Special abilities: Creativity & bliss • Gemstones and metals: ruby, herkimer diamond, rodizite, citrine, pyrite, amber, rock crystal, rose quartz, black tourmaline, shungite, hematite, brass, copper, gold

Descrizione prodotto

A Prana Drop is a personal amulet that grants an omnipresent protection against negative energy and the harmonisation of E-smog. Prana Drop Metatron - Creative power & Expression This Prana Drop was made with the ray of Metatron. It helps you gain higher insights and spiritual wisdom. With the Prana Drop Metatron we can return to the here and now and experience our I AM presenceThoughts and emotions create our reality. As this realization is becoming more and more important to us. Archangel Metatron is currently very active.
Being the master of the archangels, he teaches us to put the creative power within us to good use.
In addition, its bright golden light shows us the remaining dark stains on our souls and helps us to accept them. Prana Drops - Orgone powered protective amulets. With the Pranadrops, we created an energetic protection for everyday life. They provide constant shielding against negative vibrations no matter where you are. The name is derived from their droplike shape and their ability to generate a prana field (life energy field). Handcrafted and with a special appearance that is sure to impress, Prana Drops provide you with energy all day long.